The legend still lives!

Firstly you see some screen dumps of the original ladder – do you still remember?

Startup screen

           LL                     dd       dd
           LL                     dd       dd                      tm
           LL         aaaa     ddddd    ddddd    eeee   rrrrrrr
           LL        aa  aa   dd  dd   dd  dd   ee  ee  rr    rr
           LL        aa  aa   dd  dd   dd  dd   eeeeee  rr
           LL        aa  aa   dd  dd   dd  dd   ee      rr
           LLLLLLLL   aaa aa   ddd dd   ddd dd   eeee   rr

  (c) in 1982, 1983: Yahoo Software, cloned by Andreas Burmester.

  Version:    n/a                Up = k|8  Down = j|2  Left = h|4  Right = l|6 
  Terminal:   screen             Jump = Space   Stop = Other
  Play Speed: 1
                                        High Scores
  P = Play game
  L = Change level of difficulty        1)    91300  14  UID 1000
  I = Instructions                      2)    10900   3  UID 1000
  E = Exit Ladder                       3)
  Enter one of the above: _             5)

Help screen

    You are a Lad trapped in a maze.  Your mission is to explore the           
    dark corridors never before seen by human eyes and find hidden
    treasures and riches.

    You control Lad by typing the direction buttons and jumping by
    typing SPACE.  But beware of the falling rocks called Der rocks.
    You must find and grasp the treasure (shown as $) BEFORE the
    bonus time runs out.

    A new Lad will be awarded for every 10,000 points.
    Extra points are awarded for touching the gold
    statues (shown as &).  You will receive the bonus time points
    that are left when you have finished the level.
    Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Chum)
    Type an ESCape to pause the game.

    Good luck Lad.

    Type RETURN to return to main menu: 

In game: Level 1

                                       V                 $
                H              o             o           H
             o  H          H                             H
================H==========H==================   ========H=====================
                &          H                             H          |       |
                                                         H         Easy Street
                H                                        H
       =========H==========H=========  =======================
                H   o                                    H
======================== ====================== =========H==============
*                                 o        g             H                    *
Lads    5     Level    1     Score     000                 Bonus time    3100

Level 2

                                                                   &      H
    H       |V      o      o                                   o   V|     H
====H======================= ========================= ====================== 
    H                                                 o
    H                    & |                         . .                  H
========================== ======  =================== ===================H==
                                  |                                       H  
    H                             |                 .  .                  H  
====H=====================   ======  ================  ====================== 
    H                      |                                   
    H                      |   o                    .   .                 H
=========================  ========    ==============   ==================H== 
==============                      |                                     H
 Long Island |   g         *        |                 *                   H
Lads    1     Level    2     Score    6500                 Bonus time    4200